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Share Register Management

ShareIT is a ready-to-go application developed by Integral that simplifies the management of share registry information. ShareIT enables a transparent process for managing shareholder information, transaction data and calculating and allocating dividends to comply with legal requirements.

Read more about how ShareIT can simplify and support your shareholder management processes.


SupplyIT is a market-proven distribution planning and scheduling application package developed by Integral. Operating as a database application, SupplyIT manages the flow of supply chain information to support business decisions and ensure timely distribution and delivery. 

Read more about how SupplyIT can streamline your distribution planning and scheduling.

Integral works Magic

Integral uses the Magic development platform to support rapid software and application development.

With more than 30 years of global experience and strong strategic alliances, Magic provides a highly flexible, business-centric development environment including a unified technology stack to deliver multi-user, multi-channel experiences of business logic data.

Read more about how Integral works Magic here.

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Integral is a team of expert software developers who create, customise and integrate business applications for unique situations.

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